Yasar University

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Selcuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation decided to establish Yaşar University in 1999. Yaşar Group of Companies, known for their contribution and leadership in the Turkish economy, wished to establish a contemporary university.

Establishment Law and Campus:

Turkish National Essembly passed Law number 4633 on March 29, 2001 with which the university was born. Education started within its Alsancak premises in the academic year of 2002-2003. Work is being carried out in order to start education within its Seferhisar Campus in the academic year of 2007-2008.

Strategic Orientation:

A study group defined Yaþar University's vision and mission. Accordingly the university will merge technology and science, will emphasize technology and integrate to the global education system. The study group decided a road map, according to which new departments, needs and tendencies of the society were assessed. These represent the action plan of the university.

Selçuk Yaþar, born on 17 January 1925, completed his secondary and high school education in Istanbul French Saint Joseph High School and then graduated from Izmir Commercial Sciences Academy in 1948.

He is the founder and Honorary Chairman of the Yaþar Holding. Yaþar Holding is made up of more than 25 companies and 3 foundations, and employs approximately 6700 people.

Yaþar, who got into business life first in his father’s shop, founded the first paint factory of Turkey in 1954. In the following years he invested in many industrial sectors that he had pioneered.

  • First private sector beer factory (TURK TUBORG)
  • First printing ink production factory (DYOSAD)
  • First UHT stabilized milk production (PINAR SÜT)
  • First private sector compost production (EGE GÜBRE)
  • First healthy bottled-water production (PINAR SU)
  • First private sector integrated slaughterhouse (PINAR ET)
  • First fish and seafood farm (PINAR DENÝZ)
  • First one thousand bed capacity first class holiday resort (ÇEÞME ALTIN YUNUS)
  • First private sector painting competition (DYO-YAÞAR EÐÝTÝM VE KÜLTÜR VAKFI)
  • First private sector art museum (SELÇUK YAÞAR)

He has awards in 23 sectors.

Selçuk Yaþar has been the Honorary Consul General of Denmark for many years.

Selçuk Yaþar, the pioneer and founder of industry based on agriculture in Turkey, prepared several important projects to improve dairy and livestock breeding and put them into practice.

He greatly contributed to cultural, social and sports activities. He is the founder of The Education and Culture Foundation of Yaþar. During his tenure, The Education and Culture Foundation of Yaþar has given full scholarships to many talented, hardworking but poor students studying at high schools and universities.

Selçuk Yaþar has given financial and moral support to many educational institutions and he established the first private theater building in a village. He has had many buildings built in Izmir such as Selçuk Yaþar Alaybey Primary School in Karþýyaka, Durmuþ Yaþar Primary School in Bayraklý, and Alaçatý High School in Alaçatý.

Selçuk Yaþar ran the newspaper "Ege Ekspres", "Ege", and the magazine "Devir" and he is also one of the founders of Ege TV.

Apart from his industrialist identity, he is also a thinker. He has various published works and articles in the press. 10 of his books and 28 message booklets have been published.

He is the Honorary Committee Chairman of SETBIR, ESIAD and KSK Sports Club.

He is one of the founders of TUSIAD and ESIAD.

He has founded the Sports and Education Foundation of Selçuk Yaþar and Yaþar University.

Our vision is :
To identifyYasar University as a "boutique university" which is loyal to scientific, ethical and moral values, responsive to global change, practising efiiciency as an indispensable part of quality, developing rapidly in a disciplined manner and making efficient progress resulting in succuss, coordinated by carefully-considered decisions , posessing the program, substructure and staff educating experts in their fields who have the highest "designing skills", "project-based work experience" and "artistic sensitivity" among other universities primarily in Ýzmir and in the Aegean Region and Turkey.

Our mission is:
To educate our students as " Turkish intellectuals" who are sensitive to the environment , not being satisfied with what has already been achieved, comprehending problems, always researching and questioning everything , acting with social consciousness, organising and participating in civil community activities, having an analytical way of thinking, being mentally developed and proud of recognition in their specialities and and distinctiveness, considering science as the unique driving force behind design as a distinctive and superior value, producing with the energy derived from their artistic sensitivity and with intellectual and innovative sensitivity, informing the public about their efforts, checking the usefulness of what they have produced through experience, being industrious and competitive, defending their ideas, being knowledgeable and experienced about democracy, being capable of defending the revolution and principles of Atatürk by being able to defend these beliefs and principles, being able to distinguish between right with the awareness of being a student or graduate of Yasar University.

To add "university common classes" consisiting of Arts, Designing, Humanities, Project-based work, Research and Methodology classes which are included in 2-4 year- department/ faculty programs to our Academic Curriculum.

To enrich our academic staff by hiring native and nonnative scientists who are successful and well-known internationally in their fields, and to increase the number of distinguished works which have been introduced to the universal science literature by Yasar University and to increase the range and depth of research in this field.

To change our academic consultancy services into efficient, prýductive and high-quality academic contributions.

To develop our vocational education programs in order to address the shortage of "vocational school graduates" .

To re-construct the educational opportunities of the university by rearranging them as "certificate programs" in a way that meets the demands of artistic, vocational and foreign language educational needs off campus.

To increase the number of our sports activities by putting emphasis on personal values and giving priority to mentally-strategic sports, and to encourage academic, administrative and off-campus participation as well as student participation in these activities.

To diversify our artistic activities regarding the demands and sensitivity of Ýzmir and promote these activities off- campus.