Yali of Sadullah Pasha

Although some 18th-century yalis were influenced by European baroque and rococo styles, it was not until later in the century that a self conscious style- Turkish baroque- emerged to systematically assimilate the imported styles into Ottoman tradition. Though the baroque yalis varied greatly in size and in the details of their interior decors, externally all retained the simple timber facades, tiled roofs and cruciform floor plans of the traditional yali.
The upper-floor of the Sa'dullah Pasha Yali, which dates from the 1760's, was based on an oval otag, or traditional Turkish tent. Holdings carved and painted to look like ropes stretch from a wooden boss in the center of the ceiling, "tying" it to the curved walls. An enclosed musicians' gallery on the north side and carved doorways based on floral themes further enhance the baroque effect. This salon is the only one of its type to have survived.

Other traditionally Ottoman elements were also reworked in light of baroque fashion, which emphasized theatrical qualities. Painters decorated large niches in the four principal corner rooms and, in each, they painted stage curtains drawn back to reveal landscapes and idyllic Bosporus scenes.

One of the most beautiful yah houses on the shores of the Bosphorus, the Sadullah Pasa Yalisi is situated in the Cengelköy area. It is thought that the house was built in the 1770s, during the reign of Selim III; the architect is unknown. The first owner of this residence was probably one of the palace officials, as the building dates back further than Sadullah Pasa, whose name the residence carries today. Only the harem section of the residence, which is situated on the waterfront, has remained standing. The building carries all the major characteristics of a traditional Turkish residence. The house was painted with the red ochre paint that adorns it today when it underwent major restoration that was financed by TAG Foundation in 1950. Afterwards the building's property right was donated to TEK - Esin Foundation that was founded by owners.

Located in Çengelköy this mansion was famous for its interior decorations and for its very high value. Its most recent tenant was Aysegül Nadir Tecimer, the wife of a wealthy businessman. It derives its name from its original owner Sadullah Pasa. During the reign of Sultan Abdülhamit II, he was exiled for having been among the conspirers who were said to have plotted a coup bringing Sultan Murat V to the throne. He was not allowed to return to the Ottoman capital after completing his terms as Ottoman Ambassador to Berlin and Vienna. He later committed suicide. Sadullah Pasa was one of the important figures of the literary school of Tanzimat.

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