Turkoman Tent Band

An early 20th Century Turkoman piece using all hand-spun wools, goat's hair and natural dyes. Flat-woven on a horizontal loom, this tent band was worth every minute of time it took to make as the rich, vibrant colors and texture are a joy to the behold.
CP158 Turkoman Tent Band
11" X 44' - 0 knots/sq. in. - Central Asia / Early 1900's

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(13" X 45'0") - 10 warps x 10 wefts /sq. in. - UZBEKISTAN Early 20th Century

As fewer and fewer Tribal peoples live nomadic lives and the same with living in tents or yurts, tent bands are becoming more and more scarce! The dimensions of this piece tell us it was made to secure and decorate the tent struts near the mid-level of the walls. It is flatwoven of wool and goat's hair using a weft-float and a standard khelim techniques. Some of the materials are 'natural' or undyed, some dyed with natural dyes (including aubergine). In excellent condition with only minor nicks from usage. The details pictures show close-up views of front and back sides.

MR106 Antique Baluch
(3'-0" X 5'-11") - 96 knots/sq. in. - Khorrassan Region, N.E. Persia

A beautiful mid-19th century piece in astoundingly well preserved condition. The soft coral colors contrast nicely with the deep blues and grey/blacks. Similar border designs can be seen in J. Boucher's 'Baluchi Woven Treasures' ( pl.20). The diagonal rows of Memling guls are complementary. All natural dyes on hand-spun wools with goat's hair wrapped around four ivory colored side cords.

UZ07 Lakai Suzani (5'-8" X 7'-1") - 0 knots/sq. in. - Uzbekistan 19th Century

Stunning bridal bedcover with fantastic "solar wheel" border design complemented with 'boteh' and floral forms. Distinctive Lakai black and white s-shaped borders provide the perfect 'framing'. All designs are silk tapestry work (see detail photos).

K58 Soumak
(3'-5" X 4'-10") - 24 warp X 12weft/sq. in. - Persian Kurdistan (Iran)

A finely woven flat-weave in a 'mother and children' boteh style. These pieces are woven in the village region of Zenjan.

Uzbek 'Loli Nosh'
(1'-9" X 1'-10") - 0 knots/sq. in. - Uzbekistan, 1st half 19th Century

Distinctive, yet primitive silk embroidery on a hand-loomed cotton/linen cloth ground. 'Loli nosh' is the Uzbek phrase for a food or bread covering. Noting the early, simple versions of the 'solar wheel' and animal horn motif, this could well be of even older origins than that given here.

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