The Huber Mansion and Afif Pasha Yali

Built by Koprulu Amcazade Huseyin Pasha, the fifth member of the influential Koprulu family that dominated Ottoman politics during the latter half of the 17th century. The oldest surviving yali bears all the characteristics of the most traditional: a central fountain in the salon, a cumba, or bay-window sitting area, above the water, solid window covers and timber walls painted terracotta red.
Inside, despite its disrepair, the elaborate ceiling, with, its Arab and Persian influences, that so over whelmed H.G. Dwight is a reminder of its celebrated past. The built-in cupboards and carved niches that distinguish Ottoman interiors are there, along with, faded interior panels painted with roses, lines and tulips, recalling the Ottoman Tulip Period of the early 18th century, when leading citizens competed to grow perfect blooms.

Huber Yali takes its name from its former owner Huber. He was the representative of Krupp, the company which had been selling weapons to the Otoman Empire towards the end of the 19th century. Its land covers approximately 9 acres. One of the former Turkish presidents, Kenan Evren, had the mansion renovated, and it subsequently became the summer residence of the Turkish presidency. According to a story related to the mansion. It was given as a bribe to the lady-in-waiting of Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon. It was rumored that she had had an affair with Sultan Abdülaziz.

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