Rustem Pasa Mosque

The mosque is located in the Hasırcılar market of Tahtakale in the district of Eminönü . It is one of the most important structures making up İstanbul 's skyline. Situated on a high platform with a commanding view of the city, the mosque was built on the former site of Hacı Halil Mescid. The location of the mosque is one of the busiest in the city and has been since Roman times . Prime Minister Rüstem Paşa , one of the leading state officials and proponents of construction, also had a role in the building of Süleymaniye Camii.

He was the husband of Süleyman, the Magnificent's daughter, Hürrem Sultan and was known for the buildings he had constructed throughout the Empire. The mosque was designed by Architect SÝnan and completed by Hürrem Sultan after the death of her husband, Prime Minister Rüstem Paþa. The mosque was damaged in the Great Fire of 1666 and the earthquake of 1776.

A portion of these valuable tiles have been stolen. The interior of the mosque, apart from the dome, is covered with coloured Ýznik tiles which are the best examples from a technical and design perspective. All the classic motifs can be found on the tiles, including fruit and flower forms. Other than dazzling tiles, the coloured porphyry marble is worth seeing.

The central main dome is supported by four half-domes. The base of the dome contains 74 windows, and its arches are supported by octagonal elephant feet. The mosque niche and pulpit are made of marble. The area designated for late-arriving worshippers has six pillars and five domes. The minaret, with its single gallery, replaces the original, which was torn down.

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