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Hidiv Pavilion is located on the hills of Cubuklu neighborhood in Beykoz district on the Asian side of Istanbul. It was built in 1907 by Italian architect Delfo Seminati as a residence for the Ottoman governor (Hidiv or Khedive) of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha. The mansion sits in a large area and at the main entrance there is a monumental fountain, rising all the way to the roof which is covered with stain glass. Other fine fountains and pools surround the building. Several rooms and halls are connected to each other on a circle plan, and there is a large hall at the ground level with a fire place. On the upper floors there are two great bedrooms. The tower is the most popular section of the kiosk because of its view over the Bosphorus, one can access to the terrace on top with an elevator or by stairs.
The Hidiv kiosk was sold to the Istanbul Municipality in the 1930s and not used much until 1980s. After a two year restoration period, Hidiv Kiosk was opened in 1984 as a hotel, restaurant and cafeteria. It's open everyday.

Tel: (216) 413 92 53

Hidiv Kasry (Kasri) and its park, is located on the Asian side at Beykoz. In the middle of a large grove with trees having an identity disk and registered in the log, Hidiv Pavilion is just like a small palace. Covering an area of 1000 m2, bridging two continents over the hills of Bosphorus, this pavilion has a steam operated lift at its tower. A pavilion that has its twin Abbas Hilmi Pasa, the last Ottoman governor to Egypt has caused to build the twin of this pavilion at the bank of the River Nile. The pavilion is at your service as ala carte weekdays and with breakfast in the morning and open buffet of 55 kinds afternoon during the weekends.

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