Pamukkale University

Pamukkale University is a public university in Denizli in the Denizli Province of Turkey. It was founded in 1992.
Address  Pamukkale University Incilipinar Campus 20020/DENIZLI / TURKEY 
Tel  +90(258)212 55 55  
Fax  +90(258)212 5531  
Pamukkale University, despite being a relatively young institution, continues to grow in its mission to provide quality education, conduct original research and to contribute to the advancement of society. The University was established in 1992 when it took over the administration of the existing Denizli-based Engineering Faculty and College of Education which at that time belonged to Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir. In 1993 the Faculty of Science and Art and also the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences were established. The Medical Faculty was run under the auspices of Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir before settling in Denizli in 1996. The newest faculty, the Faculty of Technical Education Sciences began accepting students in 2000. In addition to these six faculties, Pamukkale University also runs three institutes, five education colleges and eight vocational colleges. Currently there are around 18,000 students in total studying in these various faculties, institutes and colleges.

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