Nusretiye Mosque

Situated on Meclis-i Mebusan Street in the Tophane square of Beyoğlu, the mosque was built between 1823-1826 by Sultan Mahmud II and designed by the architect, Kirkor Amira Balyan.

The style of the mosque is Baroque. It is made of stone and marble and has two elegantly designed and decorated minarets, which each have twin galleries. There is also a public fountain and a clock room. Its private rooms for sultans and pashas were decorated with impressive architectural designs and features.

The interior of the mosque was decorated with calligraphy and its dome has a striking appearance with a gold-leaf wooden engraving. The recess in the wall of the kiblah and the pulpit where the preacher stands are made of intricately carved marble. The calligraphy of the mosque is the work of the most famous calligraphists of the Ottoman Empire.

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