Noah's Ark Rebuilt on Mount Agri In Turkey

The Noah's Ark was reconstructed in model form on Turkey's highest mountain Agri by the Greenpeace activists as a warning to the mankind to take urgent action in prevention of global warming.

An inaugural ceremony took place first week of June with the participation of more than 40 members of the environment organization as well as Igdir Governor Saim Saffet Karahisarli and local residents.

During the ceremony, Okan Bayulgen, a famous Turkish showman, read out the"Mount Agri Declaration" written by the Greenpeace in the languages of Turkish, English, German, Russian, Flemish and Arabic. Then, 194 pigeons representing all countries in the world, were released from the ark just like Noah sent a dove out from his ark to see if the flood had subsided.

The declaration noted that the global warming would lead to drought, famine, mass migration, rise of sea level and massive floods by jeopardizing the future of the earth.

"Climate change will disturb lives of billions of people and cause irreversible changes in wild life. World leaders are primarily responsible for taking action to prevent such a calamity. Therefore, we expect them to provide all people in the world with the access to sustainable and renewable energy," it stressed.

The 10-metre long and 4-metre high ark was built by a joint team of Turkish and German carpenters in the green foothills of the snow-capped Mount Agri.

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