Istanbul Commerce University

ITICU is founded by Turkey 's most prominent foundation that focuses on developing business and social life in Turkey . Being founded by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC) should not be perceived as mere financial support for students. This support and contribution constitute the main component of our university's education philosophy that cooperates with business world to attain its objectives. Therefore, entrepreneurship is the most important issue for both the institute and students of ITICU. Programs offer theoretical knowledge supported with practice and compulsory internships. The staff of ITICU bears both an academic background and professional experience. Staff believes that the optimal path can be reached by harmonious integration of the two aforementioned elements in an analytical approach and modern education. To fulfill its founding mission of improving higher education and research quality in Turkey, our University seeks to expand research and education by cooperating with international academic institutions. In this framework, ITICU cooperates with universities offering high quality education in various fields such as social sciences, engineering, and design.

General Information

Today, Istanbul Commerce has matured into one of the Istanbul’s great universities offering a wide range of academic and professional programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Istanbul Commerce University's 20 undergraduate majors are primarily focused on a competitive curriculum and they are preprofessional in nature. The University began admitting students at the graduate level in 2002. Istanbul Commerce's graduate programs cover many disciplines in the Social Sciences, Sciences and Foreign Trade. The university’s distinguished faculty includes many who have been trained or educated abroad and many whose fields of research have a global emphasis; and international studies and exchanges play an increasingly important role in the Istanbul Commerce University curriculum. Istanbul Commerce University is distinctively committed to excellence in education. Black and yellow are the key colors of Istanbul Commerce University and its logo. Black is the symbol of power, authority and influence and yellow is the symbol of neutrality, richness and enlightenment.

Stairs are a symbol of progress and advancement walking through the course of evolution. The fact that only a limited number of stairs has been used does not mean that advancement and evolution have been limited. It merely reminds us that there are more unknowns in every age. The difference between the steps shows the multi-lateral nature of science and with every step taken; the height to be reached will be the result of the virtuous efforts of mankind in developing his intelligence and aptitudes. Scraping away ignorance and instability at every stage the university will add new dimensions to itself to society and to science and thus will be globalized.

Some Facts

  • 1175 : Total First Year Student Enrollment Capacity
  • 1157 : # of Student Actually Enrolled
  • %99 : Enrollment Success Rate
  • 208 : # of Faculty as of 2006-2007 including part-time
  • 450 : # of graduates in 2006-2007
  • 7 : # of foreign languages being offered as second language ( Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese )
  • English Supported Turkish Teaching Medium


  • Faculty of Science and Literature
  • Faculty of Commercial Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Communications
  • Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Institute of Analytical Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • English Preparatory School
  • Vocational Education