Isik University

Isik University is a private university located in İstanbul, Turkey. The university is a part of the Feyziye Schools Foundation, established in 1885.
Motto: Enlight the future with knowledge 
Established 1885 
Type: Private 
Chancellor: Prof.Dr.Ekrem Ekinci 
President: Prof.Dr.Ekrem Ekinci 
Staff: 648 
Undergraduates: 6786 
Postgraduates: 3485 
Location:  Þile and Maslak, Ist., Turkey 
Campus: Urban/Suburban, 600 acres (2.4 km²) 
Athletics: Iþýk Sports Club - 21 Sports teams 
Colors: Blue, Grey, Black and White                         
Affiliations: ABET, EUA 


The history of Feyziye Schools Foundation Iþýk Schools began on December 14, 1885 in the city of Salonica, one of the most dynamic cities in the days of the Ottoman Empire, with the establishment of Feyz-i Sýbyan School.

The school has gone through enormous expansion, including Þemsi Efendi School - the school where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk received his initial education. Following the Balkan Wars when Selânik became part of Greece, Feyziye School moved its operations to Ýstanbul and continued its pursuit in educational excellence in Niþantaþý Naciye Sultan Mansion.

In 1935 during the 50th anniversary of the School, the name was changed from "Feyziye" to "Iþýk" (which means light in Turkish) with the blessings of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

In 1986, the Foundation completed its Maslak campus, in order to meet the need for educational institutions. Finally, in the beginning of the 1996-1997 academic year, Iþýk University was launched in the Maslak Campus, starting a new page in the history of the Foundation.

Feyziye Schools Foundation has served the Turkish Educational System for 119 years, from preschool to graduate level education.


Iþýk University operates in two campuses. The Maslak campus is located in one of the business centers of Ýstanbul. The Þile campus, located 50 kilometers out of Ýstanbul, opened its doors in 2003. The Þile campus has been planned as a complete “educational campus” complete with dormitories, social facilities, and educational and administrative buildings situated in an area of 600 acres (2.4 km²). In 2005 summer, most of the university's academic and administrative departments (including the rectorate) moved to the Þile campus. Faculty of Fine Arts is located in Maslak Campus. Three faculties (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences) and two institutes (Institute of Science and Engineering and Institute of Social Sciences) are located in Þile Campus.


Iþýk University is home to 4 faculties, 2 institutes, Biggest Lab Department in Turkey, Biggest production sites Fab01-Fab02, about 386 faculty members, and 6786 students as of 2007. Iþýk University is gathering the best teachers and professors which gives the students to take the best education from best teachers all around the world thus they will have a large perspective and knowledge which they can use in real problems easily.

University Reputation

Iþýk University's reputation is growing day by day. Technological advances, improving technics, abroad university collaboration makes Iþýk one of the best universities in Turkey. Iþýk University council is so determined to enlarge the university's faculties and departments. Iþýk University is also very famous with its high schools and elementary schools, of which Turkey's founder Ataturk is one of the alumni. The university has collaboration with MIT, University of Middlesex, Virginia Tech, London South Bank University, Dexter University, Cologne University, Cit, State University of New York and lots of other universities in the world. Iþýk University is so determined and performing a very fast development program with its sufficient and growing endowment to become the best university in Turkey.

University Governance

Iþýk University is governed by a board of trustees, in conjunction with the university president and provosts and the deans of the various faculties.

Faculties and Departments

The faculties, institutes and departments of the university are

  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    • Department of Electronics Engineering
    • Department of Industrial Engineering
    • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Department of Mathematics Engineering
    • Department of Software Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences
    • Department of Mathematics
    • Department of Mathematical Engineering
    • Department of Physics
    • Department of Information Technologies
    • Department of Management Information Systems
    • Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
    • Department of Management
    • Department of International Trade
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Political Sciences
    • Department of International Relations
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
    • Department of Graphic Arts and Graphical Design
    • Department of Visual Arts
    • Department of Interior Architecture
    • Department of Industrial and Industrial Products Design
    • Department of Fashion and Textile Design
  • Institute of Science and Engineering
    • Computer Engineering Programme (M.S., Ph.D.)
    • Electronics Engineering Programme (M.S., Ph.D.)
    • Mathematics Programme (M.S., Ph.D.)
    • Information Technologies Programme (M.S.)
    • Physics Programme (M.S.)
  • Institute of Social Sciences
    • Management Programme (M.A.)
    • Management Information Systems Programme (M.S.)
    • Middle East Studies Programme (M.A.)
    • Comtemporary Business Administration Programme (Ph.D.)

The university also incorporates an English as a Foreign Language School and a research center, namely Informatics Research and Development Center.

Notable Alumni

Extracurricular Activities


Iþýk University has 37 clubs (due to 2007 data) including Information Security Club, Akiva Club, Philosophy Club, Young Democrats, the Environmental Club and much more. Club numbers are increasing day by day. Full list of clubs can be found here.


Iþýk University and Iþýk Schools (as known as F.M.V.) has one of the oldest sports club named Iþýk Sports Club. Club has won lots of competitions just a soon after it has been founded. Club has 21 different sports division in her constitution.


  • Ekrem Ekinci (2008-Present)
  • Ersin Kalaycýoðlu (2004-2007)
  • Sýddýk Yarman (1996-2004)