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More than a century old history of Haci Abdullah Restaurant’s root goes to Akhism Organization (an organized brothership relation in Anatolia related to trade guilds.) Traditional establishments either pass from father to son or are bought by another establishment to change hands. At Haci Abdullah Restaurant these ways are not applicable. The adventure of Haci Abdullah Restaurant started in 1888 and still survives from the master to the apprentice.

Haci Abdullah Restaurant's story has started in Ottoman era; A restaurant called Abdullah Efendi was opened in the final period of Ottoman Empire at Karakoy Quay. Sultan Abdulhamid II personally gave the managing licence. Private or official delegations of the foreign countries visiting Istanbul were taken to Abdullah Efendi as a sign of respect.
Abdullah Efendi Restaurant moved from Karakoy Quay to Beyoglu to the ground floor of Rumeli Han in 1915, and continued to render its service, and here the restaurant survived from the master to the apprentice. Abdullah Efendi served native and foreign visitors at Rumeli Han for 25 years, then changed its name to Haci Salih, ownership transferred master to apprentice, moved Sadri Alisik Road in 1940 where the heart of Turkish movie sector beats.

The restaurant where protected Ottoman-Turkish culinary, kept its quality either under the name of Abdullah Efendi or Haci Salih, moved today's location next to Aga Mosque, Sakizagaci Road in 1958. Haci Salih Restaurant's owner Haci Salih, because of his age, left here to his apprentices in 1983. The name of Haci Salih always kept honour of quality but because of the official procedure the restaurant's name has to be changed and took the 1888's name of Haci Abdullah.
Our restaurant was Sultan Abdulhamid II's personal choice and since then we kept the same quality and the same taste. You can find all this information between the pages of the book of honour that Ottoman Sultan's grandchildren wrote there their sincerely feelings.


I Know the delicious meals of Haci Abdullah for 30 years. When I was a student at the Civil Engineering Faculty of Istanbul Technical University, I was saving money just to feel the happiness of dining in this famous restaurant from time to time, which was known as Haci Salih then. When I became an assistant and an associate professor, from time to time I came here to dine and to refresh my memories. I am happy to see thet Haci Abdullah Restaurant is maintaining thi same taste. Finally today, we have broken our fast here together with the precious friends from ISKI. I sincerely congratulate the owners and the workers.

You are realizing important tasks with a great success such as the continuation of the Turkish cuisine and our eating taste which is an important element of our culture, introduction of our dishes to the foreigners and reminding them to our local people. I sincerely congratulate the Haci Abdullah Restaurant.

Our relation with Istanbul, Beyoglu and their local traditional culture is decreasing. Decreasing every day more and more. Haci Abdullah is one of the remaining connections not only with its cuisine but also with its place, taste and service. Maybe, it is the only one in this respect . It represents not only the present period but also the previous periods. It has grown up many generations and we hope it will grow up many more.

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One of the best known restaurant where serves the traditional meals. First opened at Karaköy in 1886, moved to Beyoglu in 1958 and still there. At the restaurant 80 different meals cook and the menu changes every day.

There are different sized pots, look like a part of decoration which full of jam, compotes, pickles and conserves. They serve with meals or sell separately. You can find a lot of kind of sherbets (sweet fruit drinks) at the restaurant which difficult to find anywhere. They never use margerine for cooking at the restaurant. The restaurant's capacity is for 180 persons and open between 11.30 am-11.00 pm. For dinners and during the Ramadan it is difficult to find a place without reservation. Keshkek Kebab, Shank Stew with Eggplant, Elbasan Tava,Manisa Kebab some of the specil meals of Haci Abdullah Restaurant.

  • Exquisite food, people, atmosphere. I go there each time I go back home to Istanbul. The food represents the diversity of the Turkish cusine and how unbelievably rich it is. Heavenly place.
  • Excellent food and service. Delicious compotes and desserts. Nice place nice people. Try it.
  • The food was excellent. They have some traditional recipes that you cannot easily find somewhere else. Mmmmm, yummy, and the prices are fair compared to luxury restaurants. I would strongly recommend if you want to eat real Turkish food.

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