Hacettepe University

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Hacettepe University is a university in Ankara, Turkey.
The University has two main campuses. The first is located in the old town of Ankara and hosts the Medical Centre, and the second is the Beytepe Campus, which is 13 km from the city centre. The Beytepe Campus covers 6,000,000 m² of green land and woodland, and hosts the faculties of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science. In addition to these two main campuses, the School of Social Work is located at Keçiören, and the State Conservatoire, which was affiliated with the University in 1982, is located at the Besevler Campus.
Motto: Advance for Excellence
Established 1967 
Type: State University 
Rector: Prof.Dr.Ugur Erdener 
Staff: 3.148 
Students: 24.415 
Location: Ankara, Turkey 
Campus: Urban (210,238 m²)
and Suburban (5,877,628 m²) 
Mascot: Deer 
Affiliations: EUA 
Website: www.hacettepe.edu.tr 

General info


The history of Hacettepe University can be traced back to the establishment of the Institute of Child Health on July 8, 1958, and the inauguration of the Hacettepe Children's Hospital founded by Prof. Dr Ýhsan Doðramacý. In 1961 the School of Health Sciences and its divisions of Nursing, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Nutrition were opened, all centered around the Institute of Child Health.

On June 15, 1963, Hacettepe University, Faculty of Medicine was established and a general teaching hospital was built. Three months later Hacettepe University School of Dentistry was established.

In the summer of 1964, a School of Basic Sciences was opened, offering courses in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. At the time, all Hacettepe teaching institutions were affiliated to Ankara University and grouped under the title "Hacettepe Science Center".

Hacettepe University was chartered through Act No. 892 of the Turkish Parliament on July 8, 1967. Hacettepe Institutes of Higher Education formed the core of Hacettepe University, and the Faculties of Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Social and Administrative sciences were established.

In 1969 Hacettepe School of Pharmacy and Health Administration were established. In 1971 with a reorganization, the former schools were given faculty status and thus they became the Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Science. In 1973 the School of Technology was established. In I982 the former faculties were reorganized as the Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences and the State Conservatory was affiliated to Hacettepe University. In 1984 the School of Healt services and in 1989 the School of Sport Sciences and Technology were established. Recently in 1998 the two Polatli; Vocational Schools and Kaman Vocational School have been established.

The emblem

The emblem of the University was designed in the likeness of a deer, inspired by the Hittite deer, and at the same time symbolizing the initial letter of the name of the University.


The Central Campus - The Medical Center

It is Iocated in the heart of the city of Ankara, where "new town meets old" at Hacettepe. In this campus, the following are located: Faculties of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Institutes of Child Health, Health Sciences, Neurological Sciences, Oncology, Public Health and Population Studies, and Schools of Health Administration, HeaIth Technology, Home Economics, Nursing, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Health Services, Teaching Hospitals (the Adult Hospital, Ihsan Dogramaci Children's Hospital and the Oncology Hospital), a biomedical library, biomedical research units, student dormitories, sports and recreation centers and clubs.

Beytepe campus

This is located at Beytepe, in the suburbs of Ankara, some ten miles west of the city over an area of 6,000,000 m2 of forest and campus area. The faculties of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters and Natural Sciences, Institutes of History of Modern Turkey, Natural Sciences, Nuclear Sciences and Social Sciences and Schools of Foreign Languages, and the Vocational School of Technology, School of Sport Sciences and Technology, and administrative offices, library, student dormitories, sports and recreation centers are located on this campus. At present the University has nine faculties fifteen vocational schools, twenty institutes and twenty four research centres. Hacettepe University is a state university supported mainly by state funds allocated by the Turkish Parliament. Over 150 different undergraduate degree schemes are offered and there are also over 173 different degree schemes for postgraduate studies. The University has about 30.000 students enrolled for undergraudate studies and 3011 for postgraduate and an academic staff of 3.279.

Other campuses

  • Besevler Campus: (Located In City Center) Conservatoire
  • Polatli Campus: (Located in Polatli, a district 55 kilometeres out of Ankara) Technical Science School, Health Services School



There are four main libraries which hold altogether over 360.000 books, periodicals, slides, videos and electronic resources. The library resources are kept on open shelves and are classified according to the Library of Congress System. There are also audio-visual rooms and photocopy facilities in the libraries. In addition to these main libraries, there are many departmental libraries which hold rich collections related to their own fields of study. The main libraries are open on all days of the week, however opening and closing times differ during summer term. The libraries provide inter library loan services and have access to the Internet. Beytepe Library is the one of the biggest libraries in Turkey.

Conference and exhibition facitities

The University has a very stong tradition of organizing and hosting national and international conferences and is rich in facilities. The conference halls range form those which can hold 600 participants to 50, four of which have simultaneons translation equipment. The halls may be Iisted as follows; Central Campus, M, R, S, T halls, Beytepe Campus; Mehmet Akif, K, Bedrettin Cömert and Altan Günalp halls. Concerts and pertormances are also organized at M Hall. The University also has an Art Exhibition Gallery.

Sports and recreation

Physical training and sports facilities are available in the Sports Halls .on the Central and Beytepe Campuses of the University. The biggest covered gymnasium in Turkey is at Beytepe Campus. There are outdoor and indoor sports facilities for basketball, volleyball, football on the campuses. Group health activities for the students and staff are also available. The University participates in alI branches of inter-university sports activities. Each year sports competitions are held between the faculties and schools of the University. The students are also offered elective courses in sports. The University also provides facilities for winter sports. Located at Elmadag (1800 m) 40 km from Ankara, the University has a ski-lodge which can cater for 150 people and house 50. There is a ski-lift and an ice-rink. The Beytepe Campus is ideal for outdoor activities beina located at the heart of the University forest. There are also many elective courses in arts in which the students may actively participale in any field of interest. Hacettepe University provides facilities and funding for student clubs, which are active in many diverse fields of interest. At present there are 56 student clubs that are active.


Requirements for admission

All applicants are required to take the selection and placement test held annually by the Turkish Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). The examination for Turkish applicants is held in two stages. The primary purpose of the first stage, which is usually held in the first half of April, is to evaluate the applicant's abilities in verbal and quantitative reasoning. The second stage, usuaIIy held in the second half of June, aims to evaluate the applicant's, levels of achievement in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Turkish language and literature, history, geography and a foreign Ianguage. English, German and Franch are the options for the latter. The students are allotted to departments to pursue higher education according to the results of these tests and to the choices they have stated.

Medium of instruction

Most of the faculties, excluding Fine Arts, require their students to take an English Proficiency Examination given by the School of Foreign Languages and if they fail the exam they are required to develop their language skills for a year. In the faculties of Fine Arts, Dentistry, Pharmacy and one section of Medicine the medium of instruction is Turkish. In the departments which accept students with language scores and most of the departments in the Faculty of Engineering and one section of Medicine, all courses are in a second language, but in most of the departments 30% of the courses are in English. Elective courses in English, French and German are available.

Academic year

In the faculties of Dentistry and Medicine the academic year is 40 weeks and the yearly system is used, in all the other faculties the academic year consists of two semesters each of which is 14 weeks and there are no resit exams. During the Summer Term the departments also offer courses. Attendance is compulsory and those who fail to attend classes over a specified period fail the course. The lowest passing mark is 60/100. All registered students are required to pay tuition fees.

Grants - scholarships and awards

The University grants scholarships to students who apply to the University Students Office on the basis of the forms they fill specifying their economic circumstances. In addition to the University Scholarships some departments and faculties also provide grants and awards. The University also grants scholarships to the university candidates related to their outstanting performance in the placement test ant their choice of the departments and faculties of Hacettepe University.


There are three types of accommodation available at the University :

  • Student Dormitories. Rooms for four, with shared bathrooms, study halls and kitchens, to house 4,500 students, loceted at Beytepe and The Medical Centre campuses.
  • Evim 1 and Evim 2. Single or double rooms with running water, and shared common rooms, to house 600 students, located at The Medical Centre campus.
  • Beytepe Student Halls, single or double rooms, with bathrooms, shared kitchens, common and TV rooms, and Iaundrette, to house 600 students.

Student Representative Council

Hacettepe University student representative council aims to act as a bridge between the large student body and the administrative offices. As of October 2007 president of the council is Emrah Isik.As of October 2007 the administrative board members of the student representative council are:
Emrah Iþýk
Zafer Yaman
Yaþar Mehmet Zor
Özgür KURU
Melek Kayýþ
Suna Senem
Artemis Sis Balkýz
Seda Sevinç Baðrýyanýk
Cumali Güneþ
Serap Gümüþ
Emir Charles Roach
Additionally Hakan Kece,Ugur Sadioglu,Meltem Sari; members of previous student council administrations,advise the council on official issues.

Academic units

Faculties & schools


  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
    • Public Finance
    • Economics
    • Management
    • Political Sciences and Public Administration
    • International Relations
  • Faculty of Education
    • Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
    • Department of Educational Sciences
      • Curriculum and Instruction
      • Educational Administration
      • Supervision, Planning and Economics
      • Psychological Counselling and Guidance
      • Testing and Evaluation in Education
    • Department of Foreign Languages Teaching
      • English Language Teaching
      • French Language Teaching
      • German Language Teaching
    • Department of Primary Education
      • Elementary Teaching
      • Mathematics Teaching
      • Pre-School Teaching
      • Science Teaching
    • Department of Science and Mathematics for Secondary Education
      • Biology Education
      • Chemistry Education
      • Mathematics Education
      • Physics Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering,
    • Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Food Engineering
    • Geological Engineering
    • Hydrogeological Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • Nuclear Engineering
    • Physics Engineering
  • Faculty of Fine Arts :
    • Ceramics
    • Graphic Arts
    • Interior Architecture And Environmental Design
    • Painting
    • Sculpture
  • Faculty of Letters
    • American Culture and Literature,
    • Archaeology,
    • English Language and Literature,
    • French Language and Literature,
    • German Language and Literature,
    • History,
    • History of Art,
    • Information Management,
    • English Linguistics,
    • Philosophy,
    • Psychology,
    • Sociology,
    • Translation and Interpretation
      • English Translation and Interpretation
      • French Translation and Interpretation
    • Turkish Language and Literature
      • Turkish Folklore
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Science
    • Actuarial Sciences
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics


  • School of Foreign Languages
    • Basic English Division
    • Freshman English Division
    • German Division
    • French Division
    • Turkish Division
  • School of Health Administration
  • School of Health Services
    • Anaestherics Technology Programme
    • Audiometry Programme
    • Dental Prosthesis Programme
    • Prosthetics and Orthotics Programme,
    • Medical Documentation Programme,
    • Medical Laboratory Programme,
    • Radiology Technology Programme
  • School of Health Tecnology
  • School of Home Economics
    • Child Development and Education
    • Home Management and Family Economics
  • Nursing
  • School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • School of Social Work
  • School of Sports Science and Technology


  • Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History
  • Institute of Child Health
  • Institute of Population Studies
  • Institute of Pure & Applied Science
  • Institute of Social Sciences
  • Institute of Health Sciences
  • Institute of Fine Arts
  • Institute of Public Health
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
  • Institute of Nuclear Sciences
  • Institute of Oncology
  • Institute Turcology Researchs
  • Environmental Research and Application Center (ERAC)

Vocational schools

  • Bala Vocational School
  • Hacettepe University Vocational School
  • Health Services Vocational School
  • Polatly Health Services Vocational School
  • Polatly Technical Science Vocational School
  • Social Sciences Vocational School

External links

  • Hacettepe University Official Site
  • International Students Office
  • Hacettepe University EU Office
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Economics and Adminstrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • School of Sports Sciences and Technology
  • Department of Public Finance
  • Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Mining Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Geology Engineering
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Information Management
  • Department of English Language Teaching
  • Department of Elemantary Science Education