Gazanfer Aga Complex

Two triangular office towers rising over the ground floor pedestal and oriented to the roof garden on top of the ground floor. While their north and south fa癟ades are blank against the extreme weather conditions, other diagonal fa癟ades look to richly landscaped roof gardens.
Variant Names Gazanfer Aga K羹lliyesi, Gazanfer Aga Medresesi, Gazanfer Agha Madrasa, currently Museum of Caricature and Humor or Cartoon Museum (Karikat羹r ve Mizah M羹zesi)
Street Address North of the Valens Aqueduct, on Atat羹rk Boulevard, Fatih District
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Client Gazanfer Aga
Date late 16th c.
Style/Period Ottoman
Century 16th
Building Types educational, funerary, waterworks
Building Usage madrasa, tomb, sabil

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