Ege University

Ege University (Ege Üniversitesi in Turkish) is a public university in İzmir, Turkey. It was founded in 1955 with the Faculties of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture. As such, it is the first university to start courses in İzmir [1] and also the most developed. Ege University (Ege Üniversitesi is located in Bornova, a district of Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey and one of its principal industrial, commercial, cultural and tourist centers. Izmir is a city, which is a reference point in world history and also in its intellectual present and future. Izmir city hosts three state universities and a private university. Being one of the largest cities of the country, it provides ample cultural and recreational activities. The city is situated in the Aegean Region near the seacoast and hence is a very accessible city with excellent road and rail links and an airport to national and international destinations.
Established 1955 
Type: Public 
Rector: Ülkü BAYINDIR 
Undergraduates: 27,630 
Postgraduates: 2,877 
Location: Ýzmir, Turkey 


By 1982, Ege University was one of the largest universities of Turkey with 17 faculties, 9 junior college-type schools and 7 Institutes. That same year, part of the university was separated into a new university, namely Dokuz Eylül University (Dokuz Eylul University). After the division, Ege University had 7 faculties, 3 junior college-type schools and approximately 9000 students. It currently consists of 11 faculties, 5 junior college-type schools (with 4 years of curriculum), 8 vocational training schools (with 2 years of curriculum), 7 institutes and 21 research centers.


Bornova Campus of Ege University is situated on an area of 370 hectares. The campus covers wide range of facilities including culture, sport and social services. Car park, road and traffic signs and directions are available throughout the campus. In addition, intercity, national and international communication from the campus is possible owing to phone lines and computer network. Since the campus is located on the crossroad of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, intercity transportation is very fast. Apart from this, intercity transportation provided by Municipality bus and underground services enable students to reach the campus from every part of the city. Accommodation for students is available on the University Campus. The General Directorate of Students' Credits and Dormitories administers dormitories, which provide facilities for 6000 students. Apart from the Rectorate and University campus in Bornova, there are vocational training schools in Tire, Bergama, Bayýndýr and Ödemiþ, Atatürk Cultural Center in Konak, applied educational centers in Urla, Menemen, Mordoðan, Çiðli and Özdere, and an observatory in Kurudað. With these facilities Ege University serves both the students and the public in terms of education, science, health, social and cultural services. In order to extend these services, West Campus of the university was recently established in Çeþme.

Student Life And Culture

Ege University offers opportunities for personal, cultural, social and professional development that complement the richly complex and challenging academic life of the University. These activities take place in the newly restored Culture and Arts Hall with accommodation for 330 spectators, the Amphitheater with accommodation for 5000 spectators, Atatürk Cultural Center (The Center has 2 auditoriums with accommodation respectively for 654 and 628 spectators, 4 seminar rooms with accommodation for 45 spectators, a theater hall, 8 workshop rooms with accommodation for 12 spectators, and an exhibition gallery with a capacity of 800 guests) and the Conference Halls of Faculties and Schools At the beginning of each academic year and during the weekend, various parties are organized for students' enjoyment as a change of pace from academic routine. Excursions to various historical and tourist sites are organized for the students as a change of pace from the daily academic routine. Art Gallery was established in March 1997, and it provides a convenient place for different kinds of exhibitions. In this way, students, academic and administrative staff have an opportunity to pursue cultural activities on campus. Art Studios have been established in order to organize various fine arts courses for students. There are 45 student clubs which are active in many diverse fields of interest. The General Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports organizes the activities of these student clubs. One of the most favored social and cultural activities in Ege University is the traditional Sports and Arts Festival and it is organized every year during May. Concerts, sport games, cinema and theater presentations, sale and promotion stands, conferences, symposia, scientific meetings, fashion shows and various competitions take place during the Festival. Also, student groups from other Turkish universities and from foreign countries participate in the Festival. There is students' camp located in Özdere with a capacity of 200 beds. There are 10 periods in the summer vacation during which students, academic and administrative staff can make use of the camp. Various activities and entertainment are organized in order to provide a comfortable and informal atmosphere for the students.

Accommodation for students is available on the University Campus. The General Directorate of Students' Credits and Dormitories administers the dormitories which provide facilities for 6000 students. The construction of the new private student dormitories with a capacity of 2500 students located in the Campus will be completed in the near future. The Counseling and Advisory Service Department also helps to provide accommodation for the students.