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The Faculty of Medicine of Diyarbakir, which was opened in 1966 under the administration of the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University, forms the nucleus of the present university. By transferring its students to Diyarbakir in 1969, it continued its activities as a faculty of Ankara University and in 1974 with the opening of the Faculty of Science, Diyarbakir University was actively founded. After the Higher Education Law, with the article number 2547 went into effect, the name of Diyarbakir University was changed into Dicle University in accordance with the decree having law force with number 41, issued in 1982.

Foundation and History

The Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which were established following the decree together with the schools taken over from the Ministry of Education, were attached to Dicle University. Later, Mardin Vocational School in 1988-1989, Health Services Vocational School in 1990-1991 Academic Year, and Atatürk Health Services Vocational School in 1992-1993 Academic Year were opened as the new institutions of the university. Following that, under the administration of our university the establishment of new vocational schools, each in Bismil, Cermik and Batman was approved. In accordance with the law number 3837, issued on 11.07.1992, Sanliurfa Faculty of Agriculture and Sanliurfa Vocational School, which were under the administration of our university, were soon attached to newly founded Harran University and establishment of 3 new faculties, under the name of Agriculture, Veterinary and Theology was approved. Along with the faculties mentioned above, the schools established in Bismil and Cermik, and the Health Services Vocational School established in the province of Batman started its educational activities in 1993-1994 Academic Year. Sirnak Vocational School started its activities in 1995-1996 Academic Year, several years after its establishment. In addition to our present faculties and schools, in 1997-1998 Academic Year, Health Schools each in Diyarbakir, Siirt and Mardin and vocational schools each in Ergani and Cungus were opened and began to give education. Later, in 1998-1999 Academic Year in Diyarbakir "Physical Education and Sports School" and in 1999-2000 Academic Year "Technical Education Faculty" were opened in Batman. Moreover, in Diyarbakir, a "State Conservatory" was established. State Conservatory began its activities in 2002-2003 Academic Year. With the opening of Siirt Vocational School in Siirt in 2002-2003 Academic Year, today there are 11 Faculties, 4 Schools, 11 Vocational Schools, 1 Conservatory, 3 Graduate Schools, 8 Application and Research Centres, 1 Training and Research Hospital under the administration of Dicle University.

Faculties, Departments and Main Branches

The Faculty of Medicine 

It was opened in 1966 as a part of the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University and on 20 January, 1969 transferring its students to Diyarbakir it began its educational activities in the building of the Numune Hospital. The Faculty is still continuing to offer services in the building of Training and Research Hospital with 1050 beds built on its modern campus and can fully meet the needs of the region. With polyclinics, clinics, classrooms, labs, administrative blocks, etc. it has 192.000 square meters area . 

a. Department of  Basic Medical Sciences

The department includes the following branches :

1. Anatomy

2. Biophysics     

3. Biostatistics      

4. Biochemistry

5. Physiology 

6. Histology-Embryology

7. Deontology and Medical History

b. Department of Internal Medical Sciences 

The department includes the following branches

  1. Forensic Medicine  

  2. Family  Medicine 

  3. Pediatrics 

  4. Internal Diseases  

  5. Cardiology  

  6. Chest Diseases  

  7. Clinical Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases  

  8. Psychiatry 

  9. Neurology 

10. Pharmacology 

11. Nuclear Medicine 

12. Radiodiagnostic  

13. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

14. Radiation Oncology  

c. Department of  Surgical Medical Sciences

The department includes the following branches:

  1. Anaesthesiology and Reanimation

  2. General Surgery

  3. Chest Surgery

  4. Infant Surgery

  5. Cardiovascular Surgery

  6. Otorhinolaryngology Diseases

  7. Neurosurgery

  8. Orthopaedics and Traumatology

  9. Urology

10. Pathology

11. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

12. Gynecology

13. Ophtalmology

14. First Aid and Emergency

Faculty of Science and Letters   

    It started education in 1974 under the name of  Faculty of Sciences. Later, in accordance with the decree having law force  with the article number 41, its name was changed into  "Faculty of Science and Letters". In June 1986, the faculty moved to its modern building constructed on university campus. In addition to the faculty building having 17.450 square meters of usage area, one more block was completed and put into service in 2000. Within the faculty, there are enough classrooms, laboratories and 13 departments offering services and activities of education.

a. Department of Biology

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. General Biology

    2. Molecular Biology

    3. Botany

    4. Zoology

b. Department  of Physics

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. General Physics

    2. Nuclear Physics

    3. Atom and Molecular Physics

    4. High Energy and Plasma Physics

    5. Solid State Physics

c. Department of Chemistry

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. Analytical Chemistry

    2. Organic Chemistry

    3. Anorganic Chemistry

    4. Biochemistry

    5. Physiochemistry

d. Department of Mathematics

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. Algebra and Numerical Theory

    2. Applied Mathematics

    3. Mathematical Logic

    4. Topology

    5. Functional Analysis and Function Theory of Function

    6. Geometry

 e. Department  of Sociology

 f.  Department  of Philosophy

 g. Department  of Psychology

 h. Department of Archeology

 i.  Department of Art History

 j.  Department of Eastern Languages and Literatures

 k. Department of Modern Turkish Dialects and Literature

 l.  Department of Turkish Language and Literature  

m. Department of History

Faculty of Dentistry     

      It began its activities in 1976 in the city center with 27 students. Later, it continued its activities in classrooms and laboratories of  the Faculty of Medicine, and on 1 July, 1993, it moved to its new and modern building which was completed on campus area and having  20.000 square meters of usage area. Within the building, there are enough classrooms, laboratories, clinics and polyclinics.

a. Department of Clinical Sciences

The department consists of the following branches:

1. Pedodontics

2. Dental Diseases and Treatment

3. Protetic Dental Treatment

4. Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery

5. Orthodontics

6. Periodontology

7. Oral Diagnosis and Radiology

Faculty of Law  

     It started its activities in 1982-1983 Academic Year with 200 students. The Faculty, serving primarily in the city center, in 1990-1991 Academic Year, moved to its modern building completed on campus area. Under the administration of the Faculty, there are enough classrooms. 

a. Department of Public Law

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. Constitutional Law

    2. History of Law

    3. Philosophy and Sociology of Law

    4. International General Law

    5. Law of Administration

    6. General Public Law

    7. Criminal Law and Criminal  Jurisprudence  Law

b. Department of  Private Law

The department consists of the following branches:

    1. Roman Law

    2. Commercial Law (Maritime)

    3. International Private Law

    4. Law of Labour and Social Security

    5. Islamic Law

    6. Civil Procedures, Bankruptcy and Execution

    7. Civil Law

    8. General Public Law

c. Department of Finance and Economy

    1. Finance

    2. Economy

Ziya Gökalp Education Faculty

While it was serving under the name "Institute of Education" under the administration of Ministry of National Education, it was attached to our university under the name "Faculty of Education" in accordance with the decree having law force with number 41. 

a. Department of Primary Education

    1. Classroom Teaching Programme

    2. Science Teaching Programme

    3. Mathematics Teaching Programme

    4. Social Sciences Teaching Programme

b. Department of  Turkish Language Education

    1. Turkish Language Teaching Programme

c. Department of Foreign Languages Education

    1. English Language Teaching Programme   

    2. German Language Teaching Programme 

    3. French Language Teaching Programme   

d. Department of  Fine Arts Education

    1. Drawing-Manual Labour Teaching Programme

e. Department of Secondary Education Science and Mathematical Fields

  .1. Mathematics Teaching Programme   

 . 2. Physics Teaching Programme

   3. Chemistry Teaching Programme   

   4. Biology Teaching Programme   

f. Department of Secondary Education Social Fields

   1. History Education Programme (History Teaching Programme)

   2. Geography Education Programme (Geography Teaching Programme)

   3. Philosophy Group Education Programme (Philosophy Group Teaching Programme)

   4.Turkish Language and Literature Programme (Turkish Language and Literature Teaching  Programme)(No students have  been admitted for this section yet).

g. Department of Educational Sciences (No students have  been admitted for this section yet).

    1. Administration of  Education, Inspection of Education and Education Planning

    2. The Programme of Psychological Services in Education

    3. Educational Programmes and Instruction Programme

    4. The Programme of Measurement and Evaluation in Education

h. Department of Computer and Instruction Technologies Education

(No students have been admitted for this section yet).

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

The Faculty started its activities of education in 1984-1985 Academic Year with two departments: Civil Engineering and Architecture. For the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, which served in a part of the Faculty of Science and Letters, the construction  of a new building began on campus area in 1991 and was completed at the beginning of the year 1993 and thus opened for education. 

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