CP368 Semi Antique Turkoman

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An extremely fine weave in what is the traditional Turkoman motif for an entryway carpet. In a nomadic life-style, a carpet of this design would have been hung in the doorway of the yurt. This being a village weaving, it would be laid on the floor. The addition of an extra design panel at the lower end gives the carpet a directional feel. The motifs and weave indicate a weaver descendant of the Yomut clan.

The mixture of wool and silk in the pile, in this carpet the golden-cream and ivory areas are silk, makes for a dynamic look and incredible durability. The dyes all appear to have come from natural/vegetal sources. The warp and weft are 100% silk, dyed the same tone as the golden cream pile sections...
CP368 Semi-Antique Turkoman 'Purdah'
(3'-10" X 5'-10") Approx. 280 k/s i - Afghanistan

CP303 Pashmina Wool
(4'-0" X 5'-6") - 216 knots/sq. in. - Central Asia c.1990

These carpets are woven by Turkoman weavers and this piece uses traditional Turkoman symbols in the 'purdah' design, or as it is called in Afghanistan, 'hatchlu' . The pile is 100% Pashmina wool which comes from a high altitude mountain goat. The silky fleece is most often used in weaving exquisite shawls and scarves. You will not believe the luxurious feel of the pile and the sheen is like nothing else! These Pashmina carpets are VERY RARE!! The colors are from all natural dyes; the warp and weft are Karaqul wool.

MR118 Antique Hazara Bag
(1'-3" X 2'-0") - 14 warps x 20 wefts/sq. in. - Baluchistan c.1890

This complete tribal tent bag is in near perfect condition! Rich colors of the weft-float technique face are a treat to the eyes. Click under the photo to see detail and back pictures.

MR103 Uzbek Suzani
(4'-7" X 7'-0") - Uzbekistan c.1880

Beautiful old piece with silk embroidery on fine hand-loomed cloth. Made for use on the wedding night as the bridal bedcover. The placing of the rooster in the decorative scheme embodies the wishes for a fertile union: The samovar, a warm and happy home.

UZ15 Antique Lakai Silk
(1'-2" X 3'-4") - 400 stitches/sq. in.. - Uzbekistan c.1880

A very fine silk tapestry panel with a Lakai 'animal horn' motif and, in one border stripe, the 'S' design. This was probably a decorative weaving for use on the front of a storage or bedding bag; possibly combined with another panel of similar size and style because of the absence on one side of the large border stripe. It has cotton/linen hand-loomed cloth foundation and all silk decorative tapestry threads.

( 3'5"x 2'2") - 400stitches/sq.in. - Uzbekistan c.1880-90

This wonderful,all silk tapestry weave piece was used to decorate the rolled bedding while not in use during the day.