Bali Pasa Mosque

Bali Paşa Mosque in the same district, (which, in spite of a number of erroneous estimates of its construction date), is now known to be the work of Sinan, and the Cezerî Kasım Paşa Mosque in Eyüp, the construction date of which is not certain but is known to be some time in the l6th century are all buildings with a square central area for prayer covered by a single dome; in spite of this, however, Sinan embellished almoşt every corner of the city with many mosques in different styles. While the Haseki Hürrem Sultan Mosque (1538/39), Sinan’s first work, is a simple structure with a single dome, a domed annexe was built by its trustee, Hasan Bey in 1612 and a mosque unique in Turkish architecture emerged.
Variant Names Bali Pasa Camii, Bali Pasha Mosque, Hüma Hatun Mosque 
Location Istanbul, Turkey 
Client Hüma Hatun and Bali Pasa 
Date 1504-1505 
Style/Period Ottoman 
Century 16th 
Building Type religious 
Building Usage mosque 

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Please feel free share your comments and questions :

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