Atik Ali Pasa Mosque Complex

Mosques and Complex *Terms ATİK ALİ PAŞA COMPLEX In Çemberlitaş on the Yeniçeriler street., this Complex is one of the oldest Ottoman buildings in İstanbul. It was commissioned in 1496 by the Ottoman Prime Minister (Vezir-i Azam) Hadım Atik Ali Paşa. Today only the mosque, school and the tomb remain from the complex which also contained a soup kitchen, caravan-serai and Dervish lodge.
Over the centruries the mosque was known by many other names, like Sedefçiler, Old Ali Paþa, Çemberlitaþ, Vezirhaný and Sandýkçýlar.

The mosque was built of cut-stone on a 'reverse T' plan. The great dome measures 12.5m in diameter and is 24 m high with 16 windows. The dome rests on four elephant leg shaped columns, with four smaller and a half dome supporting the main dome. The altar and pulpit are carved from white marble, the assembly area has five domes with a single balconied minaret on the right hand side.

In the courtyard are marble gravestones dating do the 17th century and there is also a tomb, the history of which is unknown. The school is located in front of the mosque.

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