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Located only two kilometers from the world-famous Konyaaltı beach, Akdeniz University Hospital (AUH) is a continuously developing education,training, research and application centre carrying the novelty philosophy of Akdeniz University. With its perfect arcitectural design, academic and management staff that are committed to provide the exellency in health care service for the whole country and our guests from abroad. We are proud of AUH's leadership position in organ transplantation, iIntensive care medicine, emergeny medicine,and hospital management issues as well as many other areas of medical practice.
AUH consists of two main buildings: Section A which carries most medical and surgical departments, outpatient facilities with a bed capacity of 400 and Section B which is designed as an emergency medicine, trauma and organ transplantation center. Both buildings are equipped with central air conditioning system, 1-2 bed patient rooms providing the quality, cleanness and the hospitality that matches the luxury hotels in the Turkish blue coast..

Antalya represents the smiling face of 21st Century’s Turkey and she looks better with our hospital.
Adress: Dumlupýnar Bulvarý Kampus,Antalya/Türkiye 
Post Code:0709 Post Box:150
Phone:90 - 242 - 2274343
Fax:90 - 242 - 2274490

Existing Service Units

Operating Theatres

Anesthesiology and Reanimation Department

Nourishment and Diet

Pediatric Surgery Department

Pediatry Department

    1. Immunology Division
    1. Nephrology Division
    1. Cardiology Division
    1. Endocrinology Division
    1. Newborn Division
    1. Hematology Division
    1. Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit

Dermatology Department

    1. PUVA
    1. Allergy Unit

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department

    1. Romatology Department
    1. Physical Treatment Unit

General Surgery Department

Thoracic Surgery Department

Thoracic Diseases Department

    1. Bronchoscopy Lab.
    1. Respiratory Function Tests

Eye Diseases Department

    1. Fat-Argon Laser
    1. Cross-eyedness
    1. Ultrasound (ocular)
    1. Sight Area
    1. Fundus Floresein Angiography

Internal Diseases Department

    1. Nephrology Division
  1. - Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
  2. - Hemodialysis
    1. Hematology Division
  1. - Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplantation Unit
  2. - Apheresis Unit
    1. Endocrinology Division
  1. - Diabetes Clinic
  2. - Thyroid Clinic
  3. - Special Endocrinologic Diseases
    1. Gastroenterology Division
  1. - Endoscopy Lab.
    1. Medical Oncology Division
  1. - Medical Chemotherapy outpatient clinic

Emergency Medicine Department

Gynecology and Obstetrics Department

    1. In vitro Fertilization Unit
    1. Maternity Room

Cardio Vascular Surgery Department

Cardiology Department

    1. Coronary Angiography
    1. Ecocardiography
    1. Electrocardiography
    1. Treadmill Lab.

Clinical Bacteriology and Infectious Diseases Department

Ear Nose and Throat Department

    1. Straboscopy
    1. Odiology Lab.

Neurology Department

    1. EEG Lab.
    1. EMG Lab.
    1. Visual Stimulated Potentials
    1. Cranial Doppler Unit
    1. Sleep EEG Unit

Neurosurgery Department

Orthopedics and Traumatology Department

    1. Sports Medicine Division
    1. Hand Surgery Division
  1. - Prothesis – Orthesis Unit

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department

    1. Liposuction Unit
    1. Burn Unit
    1. Carbondioxide Laser Therapy Unit

Psychiatry Department

    1. Child Psychiatry Division

Radiation Oncology

Urology Department

    1. Cystoscopy Lab.
    1. Urine Flowmetry Lab.

Intensive Care Units

    1. Reanimation I.C.U
    1. Medical I.C.U.
    1. Coroner I.C.U.
    1. Neurosurgery I.C.U.
    1. Thoracic I.C.U
    1. Cardio Vascular I.C.U.
    1. Pediatric Surgery I.C.U.
    1. Newborn I.C.U.


    1. Radiology
    1. Nuclear Medicine
    1. Patology
    1. Medical Biology
    1. Blood Bank
    1. Private Hematology Lab.
    1. Immunology Lab.
    1. Central Lab.
    1. Hematology
    1. Microbiology
    1. Biochemistry
    1. Eliza
    1. Radioimmunoassay Lab.
    1. Emergency Dept. Lab.
    1. Faculty Members Out Patient Clinic Lab.
    1. Central Research Lab.

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