360 Istanbul Restaurant

360 Istanbul Restaurant
Address : Istiklal Caddesi Missir Apt. K:8 No:32/309, Istanbul, 80600
Phone 90-212-251-1042
Web Site www.360istanbul.com
Price 30€ ($39.87) average meals, 3€ ($4) drinks

New York Times Review

Opened in 2003 but already a minor legend around the Continent, the bar-restaurant sports the neo-industrial décor and airy interiors of a TriBeCa art collector’s loft. On any given weekend night you might find a D.J. and live musicians collaborating on an electro-funk dance mix as a polyglot crowd in salon-fresh hairstyles and Zara clothes rattles cocktails under the red L.E.D. sign flashing the words "Hot Pornstar."

We wher ereally surprised that Istanbul has such a slick-trendy operation.Setting aside local style entertainment.Most other places where sub standard copies of other restaurants around the world.

360 pleased us in aspects of a great night out.

Highly reccomended and a definite when on a trip to the new COOL ISTANBUL.

nice food nice people, when you in there you feel like surrended by excellent Istanbul view. crowded during weekends, open until 2 am in the weekdays 4 am in the weekend

Having read reviews in both Time Out magazine and a local Turkish publication, I immediately made a reservation to eat at 360. The restaurant is located on Istiklak, the main shopping street in Instanbul on the top floor of an apartment. The view is breathtaking.

When I arrived at 10 pm (on time), I was told my table would not be ready for 10 minutes, so I had a drink at the bar. At 10:30 when I inquired on my table, I was told a table was ready. It was a table that obviously was not used, since it was in the most high traffic area of the restaurant, offering no views, other than the staff and guests going to and from the toilets.

I asked for a table outside, as I had originally. It wasn't until 11 pm that I was seated.

While the waiter was taking my order, and I was asking about daily specials (there aren't any), another waiter handed him plates to take to another table and my waiter literally walked away from me while I was in mid-sentence to assist another waiter.

When I returned, I explained that I thought that was inconsiderate, his response was, "This is how we do it in Turkey." Rather than cause a confrontation, I bit my tongue and placed my order.

To make a long story short, the food was adequate - I couldn't complain. I had the East/West platter, featuring variations of beef. I probably should have ordered seafood, as I've had some of the best seafood in the world in Istanbul. But, regardless, the meat was prepared well and the portion was sufficient. Layout of the meal was also innovative.

However, based on the absolutely atrocious service, I cannot justify a favorable rating for this establishment.

360 gives you the best of both worlds- the nostalgia of Istanbul and the modern vibey style of dining with funky global cuisine influenced by local ingredients with trendy loungy music moving into up tempo house music late night.A definite when vacation.

We have been twice and have always have a good experience.We found it from the Time magazine which headed it as 'nicely rounded'
which is exactly what we experienced.Food wholesome-cocktails great.

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