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Izmir University of Economics was established in 2001 by the İzmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation. The University has the official aim to raise participative and creative individuals who are loyal to Ataturk's principles and revolutions. The university is the first foundation university of İzmir and the Aegean Region. İzmir University of Economics is also the first specialization university of Turkey. It was planning to establish a university in Goslar, Germany by 2007,[1] but these plans have not materialized yet as of 2008.
Motto: Managing the Future... 
Established April 14, 2001 
Type: Foundation 
Rector: Prof. Dr. Attila Sezgin 
Staff: -- 
Location: Ýzmir, Turkey 
Website: www.iue.edu.tr 

Mission and vision

The vision of the Ýzmir University of Economics is to be a higher education institute providing world-class education, training and research facilities for the students to be able to deliver high quality services to national and international communities and to display life-long leadership qualities. In order to achieve this vision the Ýzmir University of Economics aims at the following:

  • to implement a comprehensive training program through which the students can achieve intellectual and personal development and be beneficial to the society;
  • to train problem solving, responsible, professional leaders who are in a lifelong learning process, open to development and have strong communication skills;
  • to create a universal, flexible, pluralistic, democratic and supportive academic environment which attracts academics, students and workers to a place where creativity, learning, critical thinking and free expression are stimulated;
  • to be involved in innovative and effective interdisciplinary research and development activities;
  • to be responsible of the efficient management of the public and institutional resources given to it and to produce, spread and implement universal knowledge in cooperation with the community;
  • to deliver services as the focal point of the intellectual and academic studies of Turkey in general and of Ýzmir and the Aegean Region in particular and to serve as a bridge of science by sharing these studies and inventions with the world.

Academic programs

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Computer Sciences
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Systems Engineering
  • Department of Software Engineering
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Department of Business Administration
  • SUNY-IUE Business Administration Dual Diploma Program
  • Department of Economics
  • SUNY-IUE Economics Dual Diploma Program
  • Department of International Relations and EU
  • Department of International Trade and Finance
  • Department of Logistics Management
Faculty of Science and Literature
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Translation and Interpretation
Faculty of Communication
  • Department of Public Relations and Advertising
  • Department of Mass Media and Communication

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Financial Economics
  • European Studies
  • Logistics Management
  • Business Administration Ph.D. Program
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Information Technologies

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