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Where is located North America in the World?

North America continent is located in the North Hemisphere. It is situated to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeast by South America and the Caribbean Sea, and to the west and south by the Pacific Ocean. It can also be described as the northern subcontinent of a single continent, America.

What is total area and population of Northern America?

North America has an area of about 24,709,000 square kilometers (9,540,000 square miles), about 16.5% of the Earth's land area, and about 4.8% of its total surface. North America is the third-largest continent by area, following Asia and Africa, and the fourth by population after Asia, Africa, and Europe. In 2013, its population was estimated at nearly 579 million people in 23 independent states, or about 7.5% of the world's population.
North America Area and Satellite Map

When Christopher Columbus arrive to North America?

North America was reached by its first human populations during the last glacial period, via crossing the Bering land bridge approximately 40,000 to 17,000 years ago. Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1492 sparked a transatlantic exchange which included migrations of European settlers during the Age of Discovery and the early modern period. On August 3, 1492, Columbus and his crew set sail from Spain in three ships: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. On October 12, the ships made landfall—not in the East Indies, as Columbus assumed, but on one of the Bahamian islands, likely San Salvador.
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What languages do they speak in North America?

The most widely spoken language in North America is English, followed in prevalence by Spanish and French. These three languages were brought to North America as a result of colonization of practically the entire continent by settlers from Europe.

Where does america name come from?

America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who set forth the then revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent.

What is largest country by land area in North America?

North America's largest countries by land area are Canada and the United States.
  • 1. Canada - 9,984,670 km² (3,854,083 mi²) | 6.73% of North America
  • 2. United States 9,372,610 km² 3,617,827 mi² 6.31% of North America
  • 3. Mexico 1,964,375 km² 758,249 mi² 1.32% of North America
North America Area and Satellite Map

What is the climate in North America?

North America Climate and Satellite Map
North America is a very large continent that surpasses the Arctic Circle, and the Tropic of Cancer. Greenland, along with the Canadian Shield, is a tundra with average temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 °C (50 to 68 °F), but central Greenland is composed of a very large ice sheet. North America has a continental climate. This means the climate is generally dry, with cold winters and hot summers, but with the wide variation that is to be expected over a continent extending from the Arctic Circle to the tropics. The climate in coastal California is described to be the Mediterranean, with average temperatures in cities like San Francisco ranging from 57 to 70 °F (14 to 21 °C) over the course of the year.

What is Ecology in North America?

North America National Parks and Wildlife
North American ecology are tundra, coniferous forest, deciduous forest, grassland, and desert. Notable North American fauna include the bison, black bear, jaguar, cougar, prairie dog, turkey, pronghorn, raccoon, coyote, and monarch butterfly.

About North America's Economy

Economically, Canada and the United States are the wealthiest and most developed nations in the continent, followed by Mexico, a newly industrialized country. North America produces goods & services valued at more than $23 trillion every year. With only 6.5% of the world's population, Canada, the U.S. & Mexico together generate 27% of the world's GDP. Since 1994, the GDP of North America has increased steadily at an average annual rate of 2.5%.
North America GDP and Satellite Map

What is the main religion in North America?

Mexico Second Largest Catholics in the World
Christianity is the largest religion in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. According to a 2012 Pew Research Center survey, 77% of the population considered themselves Christians.

The United States has the largest Christian population in the world, with nearly 247 million Christians (70%).

Mexico has the world's second-largest number of Catholics, surpassed only by Brazil.

According to the same study religiously unaffiliated (include agnostics and atheists) makeup about 17% of the population of Canada and the United States. No religion makeup about 24% of the United States population, and 24% of Canada's total population.

Canada, the United States, and Mexico host communities of both Jews (6 million or about 1.8%), Buddhists (3.8 million or 1.1%), and Muslims (3.4 million or 1.0%).

The largest number of Jews can be found in the United States (5.4 million), Canada (375,000), and Mexico (67,476). The United States hosts the largest Muslim population in North America with 2.7 million or 0.9%, While Canada hosts about one million Muslims or 3.2% of the population.

What is the total population of North America in 2021?

North America Population and Map
North America is the fourth most populous continent after Asia, Africa, and Europe. Its most populous country is the United States with 329.7 million persons. The second-largest country in Mexico with a population of 112.3 million. Canada is the third most populous country with 37.0 million.

What are the largest cities in North America by population?

North America 10 Most Largest Cities
San Francisco Cable Car

What are the largest economies in North America by country in 2021?

North America GDP per Capita and Map
The United States is the largest economy in North America, comprising over 86% of the continent's gross domestic product.

White House United States

White House United States
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