Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the most iconic Ottoman-era's mosque which is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Blue Mosque was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I. Sultan Ahmed Mosque has Sultan Ahmed's tomb, a madrasah and a hospice.

Blue Mosque

It is 2-min walk from the Hippodrome of Constantinople.

Selfie with Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Selfie with Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Girl in the hat making selfie by the smartphone on the background of the Blue Mosque.

When is Blue Mosque open?

Sun - Sat 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Minaret height: 64 m (210 ft)

Architect(s): Sedefkâr Mehmed Agha

Minaret(s): 6

Style: Islamic, Late Classical Ottoman

Interior of the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque)

Interior of the Blue Mosque
The mosque is called "Blue Mosque" by the Europeans because it is decorated with blue, green and white colored Iznik tiles and the interior of its half domes and large domes are also decorated with blue-colored pencil works.

After Hagia Sophia was converted from a mosque to a museum in 1934, it became the main mosque in Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)

blue mosque sultan ahmet camii