Kastamonu is a lovely city hidden in the midst of forests in Anatolia. The beauty of the 12th century Byzantine castle at the foot of the hill welcomes you. The 13th century Atabey Mosque and the Ibni Neccar Mosque are worth visiting. In the village of Kasaba you will have the opportunity to see one of the most elegant wood carvings of Turkey, on the Mahmut Bey Mosque.
The Ilgaz National Park is 63 kms south of Kastamonu. It is a perfect destination for mountaineering and especially for winter sports since there is a ski-center with good accommodation facilities. The landscape from the Ilgaz Mountain (2587 m) is breathtaking; you will want to take some photographs. The Kizilirmak River contributes to that marvelous picture of the city. The Ilgarini cave at Cide, the Alinca underground cave at Kure, and the International Equestrian Tourism Center of Daday are amongst other attractions.

Inebolu, 100 kms north of Kastamonu, is a typical Black Sea town, exhibiting fine examples of traditional Turkish architecture in the midst of greenery. To the east of lnebolu is the Abana holiday center. To the west is Cide with good hotels and sandy beaches, as well as the dreamlike Gideros Bay.

Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium occurred in Kastamonu’s Cide and Gideros towns in 1999, August 11th.