Corum, about 240 kilometers from Ankara is the right spot for those who are fond of history and archaeology. It is situated in an important area, which combines the two geographical regions of Black Sea and Central Anatolia, and which hosted the earliest civilizations that left their signs all around Anatolia.

The remarkable specialty of the district is that it was one of the main settlement centers of the early Hittite era. Sites like Hattusas at Bogazkale, Yazilikaya and Alacahoyuk at Alaca town, which were important residences of those times, are to be found in the province of corum with their remains from the gorgeous ages of the Hittites. Hattusas is also listed by UNESCO in the World Heritage List. Another Hittite site is Ortakoy, or ancient Sapinuva, located at 53 km southeast of Corum.
From the more recent periods, Osmancik and Sungurlu districts in the environs of the city offer beautiful architectural works. The 13th century Ulu Mosque built by the Seljuks is one example, while the 19th century clock tower constitutes another attractive monument. There are also a couple of old stone bridges on the Kizilirmak river.

corum today is a lovely and modern province with rich natural, cultural and economic resources. Of particular interest is the fineness of the chickpeas (leblebi in Turkish) found here, and the region is famed for the delicious roasted chickpeas. The city has also small industries of leather processing, weaving, copperware and ironworks.