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Galatasaray Lisesi, commonly known in foreign languages with its French name Lycée Galatasaray but originally known as the Galata Sarayi Enderun-u Hümayunu (Galata Palace Imperial School) and later the Galatasaray Mekteb-i Sultanisi (Galatasaray School of the Sultans) in Ottoman Turkish, is one of the most renowned and influential high schools of modern Turkey. Established in 1481, it is the oldest Turkish high school in Istanbul and the second-oldest Turkish educational institution in the city after Istanbul University which was established in 1453.
Galatasaray Lisesi
Lycée Galatasaray
Galatasaray High School
Galata Sarayi Enderun-u Hümayunu
Galatasaray Mekteb-i Sultanisi
Mekteb-i Sultani 
Established 1481 
School type Public, Boarding 
Religious affiliation None 
Principal Doç. Dr. Gün KUT 
Enrollment {{{enrollment}}} 
Location Istanbul, Turkey 
Color(s) Red and Yellow 
Mascot Lion 

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